"Capt Ron was kind enough to donate some Skeeter Beater to our non-profit. We take underprivileged people for free glass bottom boat rides on the Silver River in Florida. The bugs can be very bad sometimes when we stop for lunch. I used to pass around DEET based insect repellent, but most old and sick people would rather be bitten by bugs than use DEET. Now I pass Skeeter Beater around and everyone loves it! Skeeter Beater works better than DEET and smells great! In fact, one lady had an old, frail Chihuahua dog that liked having Skeeter Beater on her fur. Skeeter Beater is the best insect repellent we have ever used and is non-toxic. We're not leaving the dock again without Skeeter Beater!"

--- Capt Eric N. Stiles of Glass Bottom Boat Tours, Inc. in Central Florida

A Little About R&B's and Mo's

During the short history of Mo’s OBX Skeeter Beater, the product has taken the coastal areas by storm and is now becoming available all over the country. This patented product, originally named R&B’s Outer Banks Skeeter Beater, began with Captain Ron Weintraub and Becky Sherrod making it in their garage to provide to their family and friends. The product worked successfully, and with the encouragement from others, they brought Skeeter Beater to market by offering it in local businesses along the Outer Banks of NC.

The real test came with Hurricane Irene in 2011. Everything flooded, leaving standing water all throughout the Outer Banks. A week later the Mosquito population exploded. The swarms were so bad that many people were unable to go outside to clean up after the storm. Those lucky enough to get their hands on the miraculous repellent, stocked up. By popular demand from OBX residents many local stores took an interest in stocking Skeeter Beater.  Not long afterwards, Skeeter Beater became available all across the Outer Banks and the repellent of choice amongst local fishers, hunters, photographers and vacationers.

As the popularity of the product increased, it became necessary to find the resources to manufacture and package faster and more efficiently. In 2013 R&B’s Outer Banks Skeeter Beater joined forces with Bill Summerour of WES-J Manufacturing in Hertford, NC and his daughter, Leigh, to produce and package their product. This has enabled them to reach many more potential customers locally and nationally. This year the product will be marketed with a new label design and logo, introducing Mo’s OBX Skeeter Beater. Our Mosquito has a name! It’s “Mo” for “MOskeeter”! This product has been shipped to nearly every state in the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii and will soon be available in South America. Our collective mission is to make this naturally SAFE product available at a price point that the customer can afford to effectively protect their family and friends. We are all proud to Nationally launch Mo’s OBX Skeeter Beater and Mo’s OBX Skeeter Beater Pets in 2014 thanks to so many of our loyal customers who share their excitement with their family and friends!

Mo’s OBX Skeeter Beater is proud to give back to the community and supports Wounded Warriors programs along with supporting the local Ecological Boat Tours by providing cases of our product to our disabled veterans, elderly and underprivileged children. It is our goal to extend our charities beyond borders to increase awareness and prevention of insect born disease.

Future plans for Mo’s OBX Skeeter Beater including new branding launch this Spring and increasing manufacturing capabilities to service internationally. We also have some new and exciting product applications that will be rolled out by the end of 2014. The brand is expanding to include: Skeeter Beater Bed Bug Eradicator, Skeeter Beater Spider, and Skeeter Beater Roach and Ant.

We currently have 6 full time employees and 3 part time administrative staff employees. As the manufacturing expands and sales explode this year, we expect to significantly increase those numbers and open an additional distribution center near Charlotte NC. We are anxious to increase job counts in North Carolina and draw more business to the State.

Call to Order



"I've got to tell you, your Skeeter Beater saved my trip to Alaska. As soon as the float plane dropped us off I was searching my fishing jacket for repellent. The pilot had warned us, but coming from Florida, the mosquito capitol, I never expected this. They swarmed into our ears, nose, eyes and mouth, any place not covered. I had to spray Skeeter Beater on the palms of my hands and put it around my eyes, nose, mouth, ears, neck and back of my hands. I was rejoiced when the ambush was over in less than a minute. The fish were a veracious as the mosquitoes, but I won on both counts. I don't leave home without Skeeter Beater... again I repeat, please do not leave home without Skeeter Beater!"

--- Robb, Juniper, FL